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Authorized person
HERA DINING COLLECTION Precious examples of handcrafting come to your living environments with Hera. Hera Collection invites art to your home with its attractive colors, rich patterns and bronze ornaments on its seating and dining groups.
ZEUS DINING COLLECTION Implied perfection behind a humble attitude and marvelous simplicity energize in Zeus. Zeus Collection attracts attentions with its seating and dining groups that display a modern approach within a classic design.
HELIOS DINING COLLECTION Art means making a difference and being different. With its brave design that emphasizes comfort, Helios Collection attains a different identity to your living environments through its dining and seating groups.
AURA DINING COLLECTION Aura is one of the finest proofs that display elegance and simplicity could go together. Unique with the bronze lines in its design, Aura Collection, changes the whole atmosphere of your home with its dining and seating groups as well as decorative products and accessories.
PERLE DINING COLLECTION Prepare to meet the glory of the classic era. Perle Collection brings the elegant style of palaces to homes with its dining and seating collections bearing graceful details.
KUVARS DINING COLLECTION Kuvars, the new line of royalty, redefines perfection in living environments. Kuvars Collection invites you to meet the elegance with its seating and dining groups reflecting the union of beauty and royalty through its ornaments and patterns.
JADE DINING COLLECTION Quiet, simple and attractive… Jade Collection embraces the traditional patterns reminding you the warm touch of nostalgia in your dining and living room.
DIANA DINING COLLECTION Diana unites simplicity with soft and elegant design while adding modern touches to classic approach. As a product of perfect craftsmanship, Diana Collection adds value to your home with its bedroom, dining and seating groups.
LAL DINING COLLECTION Step into the colorful world of a gracious princess with Lal. Lively homes that unite luxury living with simplicity gain a new look with the dining and seating groups of Lal Collection.
OPAL DINING COLLECTION Opal Collection; outstanding colors and unique design. Touches of the classic era in Opal Collection introduces the beauty of classic style with its seating and dining groups.
ANCERA DINING COLLECTION Witness the amazing journey of patterns with Ancera. Spacious areas within the modules and distinctive design allow Ancera seating collection to bring a sparkling touch to your home.
ROYAL DINING ROOM COLLECTION Here comes Royal with the everlasting glory of bronze! With completely bronze armchairs and sofas, along with the coffee tables and dining collection that unites bronze and wood, Royal Collection carries royalty to all parts of your home.
ANGORA DINING COLLECTION Those, who add elegance to all aspects of their lives, know that details make a difference. Fine details are used in great harmony to create Angora Collection with its characteristic ornaments in bedroom, dining and seating groups.
GALA DINING COLLECTION Inspired by the Calla flower in its design, Gala Collection reflects the warmth of the nature. Bedroom, dining and seating groups form the Gala Collection along with specially designed mirrors and lighting products.